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The most competitive pharmaceutical machine manufacturer
The most competitive pharmaceutical machine manufacturer
Management Philosophy
We are creating new value with progressive mind.
Company value and improvement
We are the company, ceaselessly suggesting innovative vision for the futre.
Leading the others with revolutionary spirit
We work to fulfill the needs of customers so they can stay ahead of others.
Technology & experience oriented people – We aim to grow people who have the experience and technology in pharmaceutical field.

Quality reformation – Stabilized high quality of the machine should be guaranteed based on the ceaseless and successive efforts, aiming for ultimate satisfaction of the customers.
OUR CREDO “We demonstrate honesty and sound ethical behavior in all business transactions and personal integrity
in all dealings with others.”
Culture and people are the bedrock of our success. Our culture promotes risk taking to find true innovation. We are encouraged to ‘fail quickly’ and move on. Failure should not be avoided, but accepted as the fair cost while travelling the path to true innovation. We feel motivated and liberated by this supportive approach.
We customize to meet the market need. We standardize our procedures to achieve the best result. The critical point is that we are capable of making the balance between customization and standardization. Development, Production, Quality Assurance, Marketing and Sales, share this philosophy. Our united foundation is the implementation of this common standardized platform, from which we are all rewarded with value and efficiency.
Harmonized Happiness
We believe in sharing happiness. In the process of growing PTK, we work together with our colleagues, our contractors, our partners and our customers. When we pass through a dark tunnel, we share hope to overcome fear, sadness and frustration. When we get out of the darkness, we share the joy. No matter where you are, this is the journey together in the pursuit of happiness. This is our history we are building together. We are very happy because you are with us together on this journey.
Employees are your internal customers and need a regular dose of appreciation. Thank them and find ways to let them know how important they are. Treat your employees with respect and chances are they will have a higher regard for customers. Appreciation stems from the top. Treating customers and employees well is equally important.
Sometimes looking at the problem from a different angle will reveal a solution. Find out how the customer uses our products and their process might reveal a solution or new idea. Think about how that process can be streamlined. Get to know the customer's business. Our customers are all different. Finding the right solution to their problem starts with knowing their business processes, and how they can work best with our systems.
When appropriate, have fun with the customer. If they're smiling when they hang up, you've done a good job.