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Tablet Deduster

An Option for PTK tablet press, the PTK de-duster is a highly efficient vibrating spiral that will transport the tablets up or down to remove dust by vibration. The machine is also equipped with a vibration control to change the frequency of vibration so the machine can easily be optimized. The machine is switched on and off from the PTK press control panel or independently.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector is an Option for PTK tablet press. The majority of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules can be inspected in a MET 30+ with an Aperture Size of 95mm W x 38mm H, delivering a calibrated sensitivity of 0.3mm Fe, 0.35mm Nfe & 0.5mm StSt 316. For smaller products (usually no more than 8mm diameter),a MET 30+ of 95mm W x 22mm H may also be used, delivering a performance of 0.25mm Fe, 0.3mm Nfe & 0.39mm StSt 316.

Tablet Deduster Combined With Metal Detector

This tablet deduster and metal detector save valuable production time by combining two functions into one.

Dust Collector (Stainless Steel)

An Option for PTK tablet press, the portable dust extractor is independent or can be linked to the press so the optimum suction can be applied by controlling the speed. Dust is collected in a sealed and easy to clean dispenser. Dust is sucked out from the machine and deduster through this device, which helps the machine to remain and clean.

Powder Loader

An Option for PTK tablet press, powder loader provides the powder automatically to the main powder hopper of the machine through a vacuum effect. If the powder level in the hopper is low, a signal activated by the sensor starts the vacuum pump operation, which triggers the powder supply.

Open Feeder

An Option for PTK tablet press, open feeder is designed for pellet type material of which fluidity is good or those materials which are not supplied efficiently through the mechanical feeder. (Force feeder). Change over between Mechanical feeder and open feeder is done easily. Both feeder types share the same hopper.

UTS(Sampling Checker) & Feedback Control

The flexible and modular Kraemer Tablet Testing System UTS fully automatically measures weight, thickness, diameter and hardness of round tablets, oblong tablets, capsules and similar products. The system can be stand alone, or linked to the machine. If linked to the machine the sampling checker will send control signals to the PTK machine in order to control the machine settings.

Powder Loader Hopper (Built-in)

An Option for PTK tablet press, the built in powder loader, operates in the same way as the standard powder loader however the control systems are built into the PTK machine itself. This gives a more compact system where room space is limited.

Calibration Kit

An Option for PTK tablet press, the calibration kit option gives the possibility to self calibrate load cells equipped to the PTK machine. The kit comes with some setting pieces to mount the load cell and a certificate of traceability to national calibration standards.

IFH (Impeller Feeding Hopper)

An Option for PTK tablet press, the IFH is an intermediate powder hop that sits on top of the PTK machine. It is useful for where powders require additional agitation prior to entering the powder feed tube.